Tuesday, August 5, 2008

good run turned bad

Started with a good run this morning. My legs were crisp and stiff but after a few hills I came to a long flat stretch and the legs started to finally loosen up. I did two race pace surges to further loosen things up and I was finally smooth at a great pace. Then my GI issues cropped up again and game over. Walking.

I tried to run a few more times, but I was quickly stopped again.



  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! What is your name on BT? Good luck with the running. Every day for me is an exercise in self motivation. I put off today's run for a whole 3 hours before finally getting out the door. I've had some challenges as well so it's taking off slowly.

  2. Getting up early to run used to be super hard and I had no motivation to run that early. Now I find it to be the best time to run to beat the heat/humidity! I just give myself 30 mins to hit snooze :)

    My name on BT is:



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