Friday, August 22, 2008

casual ride with a hill

This was supposed to be a 30 min recovery ride today but who cares, I wasn't feeling totally wasted from yesterday's run and I know with tomorrow's swim that I will be fine for Sunday's ride if I go a bit further and longer today.

So I did about 18.5 miles of mostly flat roads with one of the two big hills in my upcoming race. The hill is on Riversville Road in norther Greenwich, CT. Its certainly not Harriman but it will get your heart pumping and will make you use your easiest gear, but it certainly won't kill your cadence. I am thinking about doing hill intervals on this sucker next week.

So towards the end of the ride I am cooling down on this small street in Armonk when I start to approach these 3 13-14 year old boys who are walking the walk with their shades on and the bigger of the three sees me and walks behind the other two and into my path trying to look all bad and stuff. I burst out laughing so hard! It was hilarious seeing these kids do this! You could tell they were trying to stare me down and look all Armonk, NY of all places! hahahhahahahahahahha!!!

OWS tomorrw AM bright and early.


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