Saturday, August 16, 2008

had a GOOD race

Just got back from my third triathlon. Funny how all of the triathlons that I have done this season were at the same venue. Oh well.

So I took over 7 mins off of my time from the original SBR #1 Triathlon. This race was SBR #2.



In ten weeks!

Here is the race breakdown:


I got 9 hours of sleep last night vs only about 3-4 for all of my other races. I think that made a difference. Last night I ate a big plate of pasta and couldn't eat any more. This morning I was forcing myself to eat and was only able to put down an english muffin with peanut butter and a bowl of cheerios with strawberries. I showed up 90 mins before the start and setup my transition area and put in a short 2-3 min run.

I think I like Saturday races better because I have to work the previous day and will stay busy to make me tired enough to fall asleep at 9 and STAY asleep. For Sunday races, I am ansy and doing nothing on the day before and usually take a nap midday making it hard to fall asleep.

I did the swim in about 16 mins and change. Thats a 4 minute difference from the first tri. Finally my work in the pool has payed off. FINALLY! This swim had a lot more contact but I think it was a good thing as it paced me and let me off the hook from sighting since as a group we would go in the right direction. I actually passed people on the swim! Eventually I came out of that group and ran into one of the bouys. Oops! haha

I couldn't believe how fast I got out to the turn bouy. I was hurting after the turnaround but eventually found my pace yet again. I was happy to be outa the water.

My legs just hurt from out of transition to back to transition. I gotta figure out how to get a warmup in on the bike. I couldn't get to that smooth feeling! When I got to the windy downhill I almost ate it on one of the many lazy corners. I didn't know what I was doing and almost thought I was going off the road. Fortunately I got my act together.

As for the big hill. It hurt even worse than the other 3 times I have climbed that hill. After awhile I set into a good pace. About half way up the hill it levels off slightly and I was able to gear up a few times, but by the time I got back onto the final steep section my legs just HURT again. I actually wished we didn't have the short break and the hill could have stayed steep from start to finish.

I didn't feel super fast on the bike, and I am curious to see what my time will be.

I went out fast because it was flat. Unfortunately when I started to hit the hills I slowed and started to hurt. I tried to go fast up the hills but my legs just wouldn't go. I tried to make up the time on the short downs. At mile 1 I was hurting bad and just wanted to walk, but kept going. I wanted to puke during most of the run. At the turnaround I walked for a few steps and got going again. It was what I needed and started to go faster. I felt a LOT better on the way down, but the route was pretty rough and there was a lot of loose rock. My left ankle hurt a bit on some of the loose sections.

I went as hard as I could on the finishing stretch and finished in 1:37:24. Bam! 7 minutes faster!


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