Sunday, August 24, 2008

race training ride

Did the Westchester Tri Training ride this morning with a HUGE group of people. I think there was over 100 people at this ride. I stayed towards the front so I could get into my aero bars and climb without passing everyone. I zoomed up the biggest and steepest hill and was happy that I could stayed standing without my legs hitting the bars. I wish I could use two bikes for this road bike for the hills because my position is better suited for climbing and its a lighter bike, then use my aero bars for the flats. The 2nd half of the bike is gonna be fast. I know these long stretch sections pretty well and I know I am gonna be able to fly on this section. I am looking forward to it actually.

Today's ride took 1:45 and was 24.5 with all of the stopping and going we only averaging 14 mph. Blah! Fortunately I was able to hit a few sections to keep my speed up.

I was sore going into today am still really sore. My legs were hurting up the climbs but I was still going pretty fast. These next two days I am gonna go EASY because Wednesday through next whenever is gonna be a 100% suffer fest. Bring it on!


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