Thursday, August 7, 2008

running hill interval

Went on a run this morning with a co-worker's husband. He is a runner; he has that runner's body and can fly up hills. So this run was going to be a bit of challenge not only because of the route he introduced me to, but also him being a faster runner.

It all worked out great. He pushed me up some of the hills and I got a rewarding run in. The last hill I was starting to struggle to keep up with him, but again, it was enough of a push and at the end of 5 miles that this was a good thing. This run turned into a HUGE confidence booster.

We ended up averaging a 9:35 min/mile, which is slow, but then again we were going up some serious hills. I think a goal would be to do the run route backwards, which is even steeper!

One thing that I struggled with though, was running DOWNHILL. Not sure why. I guess I need to let my body "go" without falling. I guess more hills will do it!


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