Saturday, August 2, 2008

OWS swim, finally!

The last open water swim that I did was during my last triathlon, June 8th. Yeah....too long of a time.

So two of us went up to White Pond and hopped in for the .8 mile swim. The water last time was 60 degrees and literally took my breath away. This time: bathtub water warm. It was nice!

So we get out to the rock across the pond and another swimming caught up to us. He asked us, "Why the wet suit? The water is so warm!." Before I could answer he was off back to shore.

We went slow, and I think we did it in about an hour. I worked on my sighting specifically trying to keep my head low and not lift it out of the water while I sit, to keep my feet from dropping and dragging. I think I did pretty well.

Overall, a good swim!


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