Monday, August 25, 2008

the small pool

All pools in the area are closed for cleaning....ALL of them at the exact SAME time.

Fortunately the small pool at the Y is open for the next two weeks with a liveable schedule to get me through my next race. The downside is that its only 3 (or 4 VERY slim) lanes with a 20 yard length. Its like being back at Mr. Switzers when I was a kid. Unfortunately every triathlete in the area is going to have this one pool to swim in. Strange though...i had the entire pool to myself.

So my stroke count per lenth is pretty consistent that I know when I will hit the wall. Because I am in a pool that is 5 yards shorter, my count is off so I almost cracked me head once.

Then kicking on my back was deemed impossible due to no lines above me or reference to know when to stop to not crack my head.

Oh well...

I did get in 44 lengths for a half mile swim over about 30 mins---ish. It was just a recovery swim. No biggie.


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