Friday, August 8, 2008

the hurt locker

the hurt locker: that whats what my coworker calls it when you are pushing it hard and fast.

I bricked it this morning up @ SUNY Purchase. After yesterday's hurt locker of a hill run followed by a 1900 yard swim my legs were crispy and sore this morning. Fortunately I had a 20 min warmup to get the blood flowing in my legs. It sorta helped?

So after 2.5 laps around SUNY warming up I hit it and hit it hard for 3 x 6 min intervals, or about 3 laps of pain and suffering with a few minutes of recovery in between. I was relieved to get the biking over with, but no cool down as I had to head right into the run. I did the bike in 54 mins and change.

Fortunately the run was broken up into 3 pieces, a 10 min easy run, followed by a 10 min race pace, then whatever was left to cool down to the finish of the 3 mile loop. I did the run in exactly 27 mins, which I was a bit disappointed in because I felt like I was going a smooth 9 min pace on both the warm up and cool down and with 10 mins at race pace I thought I would do a bit better.

Ah well. Put to look at it this way....I was VERY sore and hurting pretty bad starting this workout, and after 5 laps with 18 mins of faster than race pace effort, I think I eeked out a pretty solid run. I was just happy that I could hold that 10 mins of race pace and still feel strong.


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