Saturday, August 30, 2008

brick, swim, run

Yesterday I basically did a sprint triathlon with a long swim.

I started with a brick in the afternoon. I wasn't sure how I was going to do because I was sore the previous day's 10K run and that freaking blister that showed up. I have determined that the blister was caused from running downhill because the impact of the foot inside the shoe is much more severe when running downhill that it rubs more than on flat ground. I have figured out how to run downhill, but unfortunately the one downside is this.

Back to the brick, because I was sore I did 2.5 laps of warmup before I started the race pace intervals. I think I had a tail wind because I was flying faster than I did two days before when it was an all out effort. So my legs started to loosen up and feel pretty good.

Now onto the run portion, I was super paranoid about the blister on my foot. I used a patch of moleskin directly onto the blister and then topped it with athletic tape just in case. It worked! Now only if my right calf was about to cramp up, I was good. It was that first uphill @ SUNY that always makes my legs feel like crap. Fortunately that downhill (that caused the blister) is always a salvation and smoothes things out. I finished the rest of the run out strong and the brick turned out to be one of the strongest and easiest ones that I have done.

Then came last night's swim. I was on the couch and twice I got up about to go and sat down without any motivation. I finally dragged my butt to the small pool and was excited to see that I had the entire pool and a lane to myself, for about 20 mins. Good thing the woman who I shared the lane with was good about sharing. I did about 50 lengths and had to get out because the water temp was 88 degrees! Then I continued and finished with 90, or 1800 yards. I don't know HOW I did that much with zero motivation.

Now for this morning's run I wanted to go outside, and tried to. I even walked to the start of my run, ran for about 10 seconds and realized that running outdoors was not going to happen with my blister.

So I turned around and walked home, then decided to hop on the treadmill. I did 20 minutes with 4 x 30 surges.

At least I got about 2 miles in in 20 mins. My body feels battered.


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