Tuesday, August 12, 2008

time trial intervals with coach

Up early again for a coached session on my TT bike. We went to a 2K road that was faily flat with enough rollers to add some variety. My coached drafted off of me while I was in my aero position and he liked what he saw. There were two things that I needed to work on, my upper body position and changing gears.

My upper body position is good, I just needed to relax my chest and shoulders slightly. Nothing big here.

So we worked on changing gears in anticipation for an uphill or downhill. I would change gears going up an uphill too soon and would change for a downhill too late. So as he rode behind me he would yell out when to change, and it made a huge difference. The last interval we were FLYING. I really felt it going uphill especially towards the crest of a hill, where I would upshift before the crest so that at the top along the small flat I was already into the speed going downhill. It was work, but that work kept my speed more consistent.


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