Tuesday, August 26, 2008

flying dismounts

Did a transition session with my coach this morning. Basically my cycling shoes are cycling shoes and are not the best for a triathlon for getting them on and off. Oh well, next season I will go for some more appropriate shoes.

That being said, getting into my shoes ON the bike is really hard in these shoes due to the shape of the velcro straps and the shoes having a ratchet mechanism.

Fortunately getting out of them on the bike is easier and doing a flying dismount (getting off of your bike in motion into a run) is possible and actually not as hard as I had expected.

Still need more practice with the dismounts, but it should save me some time.

Sad to already think about this, but the season is approaching the end already!

I have Westchester Sept 21st in under a month, then I volunteered to be in a relay race on the 29th. I will be doing the biking portion, 15 miles, half of which is up, the 2nd half down. Then Oct 12th I am running a half marathon. The olympic I am sorta scared to do, the bike relay not so much, but the half marathon I am REALLY scared of doing. I mean I can run almost 7 miles and be fine, but I think there is a BIG difference between running 7 and running 13. I think upping my mileage for the half marathon now will only help the 6.2 I have to run in the Olympic.

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  1. Come run the Toughman course with us on Sunday. You can do it.


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