Monday, September 22, 2008

results are in

They posted the results. I had an ok swim time, awesome bike time, and an expected run time.

Total time: 2:52:35
Swim: 36:53
Average: 2:15 min/100

Bike: 1:16:07
Average: 19.74 mph

Run: 55:20
Average: 8:55 min/mile

Soooooo, this race has basically been a "year in review" type of race. It showed off that I did NOT put enough time or effort into the pool. Basically I know I could do the work, it was just a mindset or a mental game for me.

Cycling: The fact that I could hold 19.74 mph for 25 miles on a challenging course, I will take that as I am pretty good cyclist and next year with a bigger base and with a few extra pounds off of the mid section, that the sky is the limit in terms of improvement.

Running: The same is true as above, minus the good runner bit :) Serious running was new to me this year and I learned that you need to put in a lot of mileage to see those peaks.

So to sum up my goals for next year:

Swimming: I'm doing a 10 week swim techniques class with underwater video review. Then I will be doing 1 or 2 sessions of master's swimming for volume and speed.

Cycling: Rinse and repeat from this year and do even more hills if possible.

Running: Bigger base. I am planning on doing 9 NYRR races next year to qualify for NYC 2010. These races will be for training and qualification only, obviously not for winning.

Oh, and do Timberman in August :)


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