Saturday, September 20, 2008

the day before

Went down to get my race packet and swag bag. Most of the race course bouys in the water were all out there, up to the end of the bay between the dock and break wall. They didn't have the bouy's out beyond the bay, so a little scary! At least I will know that I am almost home free once I get back into the bay on the way back in.

After picking up the packet I drove the start of the course which is about 3.3 miles before it gets into familiar territory for me. The weather is going to be PERFECT. What a relief!

Then I went up to Purchase for a last second quick run and one lap around. I feel smooth!

Just gotta do it now!

The alarm is set for 4AM and another alarm for 5AM just in case. I'm in the last wave starting at around 7:27-ish.


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