Tuesday, September 16, 2008

OWS in the ocean

Went swimming in the ocean this morning at Rye Playland, the site of my race this weekend. I am still not as confident of a swimmer in the ocean, but I am getting better. The water was WARM!....thankfully!

I was out with my coach and we were doing sighting practice and entrance and exits. Basically I learned how to do the dolphin dive in and out. No biggie, I just have to judge the depth of the water. Sighting on the other hand, was much harder this time out because of the current we had in the little bay. On the way back into shore I was getting pushed to the left pretty quickly, so much so that I was sighting every other stroke on every breath. I would look up, sight my coach, put my head down, do two strokes, sight, and he would be way to the right. I mean I was getting turned QUICKLY. Hopefully I won't need to deal with this during the race. Yikes!

I need to get back into the pool and do one last hard swim. I can't wait to get this swim over with!


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