Wednesday, September 10, 2008

hill repeats and a tail

Got up @ the crack of stupid this morning for a hill repeat workout. It was freaking COLD and fortunately my workout only lasted 50 mins.

During my warmup to the hill I heard this rattling behind me and it never went away. I thought my bike was making strange noises until I looked behind me and I had a guy (who looked like a racer) drafting off of me. He seemed like the type to go fast so I picked it up and pulled.

It was awesome. I was expecting the guy to just pull around me and take off but when I would add more pressure to the pedals and increase my speed I could hear him changing to a harder gear to stay on me wheel. Now thats super awesome :)

Eventually I got to my turn and as I turned he said "You are looking strong, man!". I told him to have a nice ride and we parted ways. So that was a bit of a confidence boost. I felt strong and we were going pretty fast!

Now onto the hill intervals. Basically went up this hill 4 times, starting seated until the top when I stood up and gave it all I had. The 4th time I gave it all I had but my legs didn't have as much juice left. I still got in a quality workout and my legs were mostly recovered by the very end of the ride.

Run tomorrow morning with my coach.


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