Saturday, September 27, 2008

31st on the bike

I took part in a triathlon relay team this morning at the ITPMAN triathlon in Darien, CT. What a blast! Our team came in 2nd among all relay teams, and 26th overall. We had a super fast team!

I personally did a season best with a 20.2 mph average, coming in with the 31st fastest bike time among ~320 total people.

We lucked out big time today with some perfect weather. No wind, no rain (it was supposed to DUMP on us all morning) and cool temperatures. It was a little humid, but not enough to make things miserable. The roads were a bit slick though. I had a guy go down right next to me on this very sharp and steep downhill. Poor guy, his carbon bike with nice wheels. I heard it and saw him flipping before I looked straight so I didn't go down. Yikes!

My legs took about half of the bike to get warmed up. They were screaming at me the entire first half. I even warmed up! I guess my warm up needed to be longer and have some more intense sprints in it to get the juices flowing better.

I am so proud of my team, and we all want to repeat our efforts for next year to see how much we can improve.


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