Sunday, September 7, 2008

hill repeats

I rode on my road bike for the first time in about a month. It felt good! We got the remnants of Hanna last night so the roads today were covered with tons of broken sticks and leafs and other junk. One side of the road had been flooded and was completely covered with mulch.

I was supposed to do 9 short hill sprints so I headed out to the final big hill on the race course and quickly realized that this was not an appropriate hill for this workout. I zoomed up it once and searched for a better hill. Got to John street and went up it 3 times. By then it was time to head back and finish off the one hour workout.

I felt like crap after the sprints but was able to recover fully within 5-10 mins. Awesome! Good news for the upcoming race!

Oh and two weeks from now it will alllll be over. Kinda sad, but it opens the door for some fun-no-pressure races.

Easy runs for the next two mornings. Funny how running an easy 7 miles over 2 days is going to seem easy....this time last year I couldn't run 3 miles.


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