Wednesday, September 17, 2008

last hard workout... yay!

Did 13.5 miles tonight in 45 mins flat, or almost 18MPH average. Just some short 90 second intervals over and over and over again.

I feel strong and happy that this is my last hard workout.

I have had butterflies in my stomach for the past few days and I know why.

The swim.

As long as I keep telling myself to do the swim at MY pace (with *SLIGHT* kick to the pace) I will be fine. I know that as soon as I get onto the bike that it will become MY race and I know that I will finish it.

I am actually looking forward to running this bad boy. Cuz I know that once I start the run, that I will not stop and after about 2-3 miles my legs will loosen up and its cruise control from there.

This race is like my first triathlon ever: something I haven't done before because this is a new distance with a different mentality. Pacing is key. I think this is why I did so much better on my last sprint triathlon (and the fact that I had done the course 3 times) and that is because I knew how to pace myself at that distance. I know my race paces in the water, bike, and run. I just gotta do it! Not much of a mystery when you know that those paces!


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