Monday, September 15, 2008

flew like a bird

On the run! WTF?!?!

Yes, I had a super smooth fast run towards the end during tonight's run. I felt awkward starting the run since my last "real" run was during last Thursday's treadmill session; still definately some rust stubbornly attached to the muscles after last week's punishment-fest.

By mile 2 (out of 3.5) my legs loosened up and started to feel good. When I hit the final uphill section it was like running into the sunset as I ran up this hill with a sihouette of White Plain's twin towers over the horizon. I just felt GOOD and I started to pick up my pace.

Ended the 3.5 miles in 29:38 or a 8:28 min/mile pace.....uuhhhhhh, thats my race pace!

Confidence booster?


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