Saturday, August 1, 2009

the abuse continues!

with 62 more miles on the bike. Ouchy ouchy! That last hill just about did me in.

So the bike was broken up like this:

Left from Suny Purchase and did 34 hard miles by myself with a couple good hills thrown in.
When I got back to Purchase, I met up with my friend Kathy and we did 2 loops around Purchase. Then we headed out for a 21 miler on some roads I had already done with a really good sized hill. Then we did 1 more loop so she could round out 40 miles and I could round out 62.

Then we put on our running shoes and headed out. She needs to do a 10K. I didnt need to do anything, so I went .5 miles out, said, "Cya Kathy!" and I turned around and called it a day. It was a good 4+ hour workout.

I am supposed to run for 90 mins tomorrow.....uuuuhhhhhh, I dont think so. I am gonna take tomorrow off, then do it on Monday. Gotta rest!

One more weekend of this stuff, and then the taper for Timberman begins.

I am starting to feel that this season is getting looooooooooong.


  1. Great that you're doing Timberman, I hear it's a fun race!

  2. You can do it ... taper time is around the corner !


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