Sunday, August 23, 2009


More details to follow, but I beat my goal of 6 hours with a finish time of 5:55:47

swim: 36:51
bike: 2:49:47 (19.8 mph on a semi-hilly course!!!)
run: 2:23:11 (iiiiiiiiiiiii fell apart....haha)

and!!! I had chrissy wellington put my finishers medal over me!

aaaaaannnnddd.....i got really badly sunburned. This is NOTHING compared to my back/shoulders.


  1. Congrats on finishing and meeting your goal! So cool that Chrissy Wellington put on your finishers medal!!

  2. Congrats! Great time - way to break 6 hours!

    Take some advice from my cursed Irish fair skin and use lots of aloe. Keep the skin hydrated and it won't be nearly as bad as it could be.

    Totally jealous about meeting Chrissy Wellington. I just watched the Ford Championship from last year on Hulu and she is not human - ridiculous.


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