Thursday, August 13, 2009

made myself feel better today by....

treating myself to this: :)D legs still feel like shit, but oh boy do I feel HAPPY! Its in the shop getting the front cassette swapped out for a 53 x 39 vs the compact crank thats on there now. I pick it up next week.

I have been doing research for a few weeks now on which bike to get and all indications pointed towards this bike. Yesterday I learned that the bike shop 3 miles from where I work and from where I started so many rides the past 2 seasons started carrying Cervelo about 6 weeks ago. I walked into the shop @ lunch today, looked left, and there it was in my size and color. I took it out for a spin, it spoke to me, and I spoke back with "Fuck this thing is fast!!!"

The bike fit me like a glove with a 2 second seat adjustment. I can only imagine what this thing is going to ride like with a proper fit.

Now the hard part. I can't ride this for Timberman. No way. No how! From that test ride, my position was already in a super aggressive position compared to my current TT bike. Its gonna take me a good 2 weeks to learn this bike and become comfortable on it.

Basically Im gonna save this baby for the ITP Man relay Sept 26th. Im gonna break all personal records that day on this thing.

Oh man oh man oh man!!!


  1. Very nice!!! As a fellow Cervelo rider I can tell you that you'll love it. Be sure to get the full fitting though. I had 3 to get the perfect fit and it makes a massive difference. I haven't seen that color, just the red/silver for this year. Love it!

  2. Dang pal...I have the P2C and love it. How much does that thing weigh? Should I say, how much DOESN'T it weight? Congrats again.



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