Saturday, August 29, 2009

plan for the fall/early winter

So because I got my ass handed to me on the run @ Timberman, guess what I am going to work on this fall/early winter. RUNNING!

I was turned onto Hal Hidgon's running plans. I really like them; they make sense to me and other than having one long run a week, most of the runs in the beginner/intermediate plans are short distances, but multiple times a week. So it will be new increasing my running frequency, rather than distance. I think this is really going to improve my running.

So I am thinking about doing a 10K on November 8th down in Lindenhurst on Long Island. Its the Long Island Run for the Warriors. Im going to follow Hal's intermediate plan minus one day of running for this race. I will start this plan Sept 20th.

I found this race using a REALLY awesome running race finder website called

The search method is easy to use.

And finally, after the 10K, Im going to start building up for a 12 week plan to run the NYRR Manhatten Half Marathon next January 24th. This plan starts the day of the 10K.

This should keep me VERY active through the off season and should maintain what I have and build it up to give me a solid run base going into the start of the next season of triathlon.


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