Saturday, August 29, 2009

faaaaaast bike

I got out for my first official ride on the new Cervelo. Oh man is it fast!

I did this loop that has great rodes to time trial on and I did it twice to get a feel for the bike. Because I am in a different position (more aggressive) my arms aren't used to supporting me that way, so my triceps were burning a bit after these 10 min efforts that I did. Its ok though, this happened with my last bike.

The thing that amazes me with this bike is the lack of hesitation of power from my legs to the wheels. When I hit the gas, the bike goes!

And the other thing is weight. On a few ups, I didn't feel like I was climbing. I was just riding like normal, but at a pitch. This bike is soooooo much lighter that it almost feels like I can climb it better than my road bike.

Simply an amazing machine. I just gotta get the engine tuned up a bit :)


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