Monday, August 31, 2009

tough ride

My legs werent firing on all cylinders tonight, but I still rode somewhat fast.

I really weighed my bike down by putting on a rear aero wing that fits my tube and tire level bag, CO2 cartidges and inflator. I can also attach water bottle holders to it. I also put on the large bento box. I can really feel the weight difference. Kinda disappointing :(

Strange ride tonight. On one road, they put down crushed stone for a 2 mile stretch. Talk about sketchy! Not only was I worried about flatting, but it was like biking on ice due to the loose gravel.

Then at the bottom of that hill I was going over a small bump and as soon as I got over it there was a huge deer right there. We both made eye contact with "WTF!!!" looks on both of our faces. The deer I think panicked and froze cuz it didnt know what to do. It was pretty funny! We were within 5 feet of each other. I'd say that was one of my closer encounters with deer.

Finally, I heard this metallic clunk when I hit a bump. I thought nothing of it until I got back and realized one of my CO2 cartidges was no longer there. bummer.

OH! And the days are really getting shorter. Finished my ride @ 7:15 and it was getting to the almost too dark stage to ride.


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