Wednesday, August 26, 2009

post race

Its been 3 full days since Timberman. I have done nothing but eat really greasy food/bbq and ice cream. Oh man oh man oh man has it been good :)

My quads are what still hurt, but not as bad as yesterday. My recovery has improved a full 100% since yesterday. What a difference a day makes! My back still hurts a bit from the sunburn, but even that has improved immensly since yesterday.

So now the triathlete in me says, "NOW WHAT!?!?!"

Well, I want to have some fun this fall and challenge myself.

I have been thinking about doing this for awhile. I call it the "5 Broken Sprint Tris in 5 days" challenge. Basically you do this:
-swim 900 yards in the AM
-bike 15 miles @ lunch
-run 5K after work

you start it on a monday and finish it by friday. You do it at a normal pace, so no need to race it, unless you naturally feel up to it, meaning if you feel like you can push it, push it. If you feel sluggish, then do it sluggish.

The point of this challenge is to do 15 workouts in 5 days and see if any trends appear, such as each day you get slower and slower, or you see if you get faster and faster. Or maybe you start out strong, stutter, but then get faster by the end of the week. Its a fun way to stay motivated, yet not kill yourself. Im curious to see what my times do as the week progresses. I just hope the weather stays consistent and I dont get rained out, since I'd like the bike and run to be outdoors, otherwise you are at the mercy of the machine you are on and I hate that.

Another challenge is to do compare my old TT bike vs my new one. I think I am going to tackle this one first because it will make me ride hard for my upcoming bike relay in 4 weeks. Basically you ride the same course using 2 different bikes putting up two different times. I hope over 5 days I find a trend. I will ride the old bike first, then ride the new one 2nd.

Two things can happen with this:
#1. I go slower on the old TT bike because my position is not as good and the bike is not as light.
#2. I am warmed up from the old TT bike and I will go faster on the new bike anyways.

Its not a very scientific test, but its fun to try and should make me work hard on the bike, which is really what counts @ the end of the day. I wish I had a 2nd PowerTap for this test, but I cant switch the wheel between the two bikes because the Cervelo is a 10 speed, and the old TT bike is a 9. I will have to use time instead.

Not sure when I will start these challenges, but its something to keep me busy on the start of the off season.

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  1. Goals are good, keep you motivated. Congrats on your 1/2 IM, and have fun gtting to know your new bike!


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