Saturday, August 15, 2009

strange 2 days: Giving back

Was supposed to do an hour ride yesterday morning, but I got lazy, so that went out the window.

Then I volunteered @ NYRR headquarters on 89th street handing out T-Shirts and goodie bags for this weekend's NYC Half Marathon. I have to say it was quite the interesting experience, especially the crazy old control freak guy who worked along side me. "Step down please! Next in line!" is what he would yell out every 10 seconds, even when no one was there. Bless his heart, he is retired and this is how he spends his time. No wonder NYRR is such a great organization and puts on great races.

Im glad that I did my volunteering requirment so early. Interacted with all kinds of runner folks. There were the total fear in the eys gotta tell everyone its my first half marathon cuz Im so scared folks. They old women who ask me to check them out so I can tell them what size they are. Then the I dont know what size I am so Im gonna spend the next 5 mins holding up the line figuring it out asking me if I knew if they ran small LAST year (that guy proceded to scold his poor hippy child for touching the shirt by accident). Ahhhhhhh, NYC.

Again, Im glad I got that out of the way.

I was wiped after that, went home, ate, and fell asleep. The pool closed before I woke up.

Then this morning I gave back to the community again and went up to Harriman to watch my friend and coworker compete in her 2nd ever triathlon. She did great and finished it like it was a piece of cake. Fun being on the sidelines for once.

Got home from that, hopped onto the bike for an hour's worth of intervals on the bike. So depending on the pitch of the road, I can hold 24 mph @ threshold wattage. Daaaaammmnnnn. I like that! Then I get on a flat section that is slightly pitched up, and I can hold 20 mph @ threshold. Too bad I'd kill myself if I held that wattage for the entire Timberman ride. One can dream....

Then finally I went to the local community pool and tried out a 44 yard pool. I have to admit that I got my butt kicked. Amazing how that much less rest can really kill you.

Im so tempted to move my membership over to the Greenwich Y @ there brand spanking new 50 meter pool. So tempted! I really think swimming with that much less rest would pay even more dividends. Im gonna think that one over...


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