Friday, August 7, 2009

attack of the......TICKS!

and by ticks, i mean DEER ticks....yes the lyme disease carrying deer ticks.

I was gonna hop on the dreadmill for 30 easy mins @ lunch today, but my buddy/coworker convinced me to go on the 1 mile hike on the trail behind the office.

4 of us went and we were immediately in knee high grass. We took our time; the weather was beautiful. We some deer prancing in the woods; two giant wild turkeys took off right in front of us.

It was a fairy tale hike that only Walt Disney could animate.

Until we finished the hike and the ex boy scout that i am mentioned that we should all check for ticks. I NEVER get ticks. But I found one normal sized one on my jeans. Whatever, I flick it off.

The other three find really tiny small ticks crawling on them.

Long story short, at one point today I was hopping into the shower @ work frantically scrubbing my body after I found half a dozen deer ticks crawling all over my socks and inside of my shoes.

I found three more on the shins.

When I got home, 3 more were found, including one that had stuck its head into my skin!!!!


Kelly checked my entire body over and all of them are removed.

Lets just say, a beautiful day ended kinda tragically and now I am UBER paranoid of missing one of those tiny little fuckers and contracting Lyme disease. EEEWWW!!!!

My coworker was able to save one of the ticks and is hopefully gonna be able to send it in for analysis.

Hopefully my 2 mile swim tomorrow off the coast of Greenwich will take care of anything that has decided to attach itself to my body.

I am officially creeped out.

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  1. You're swimming 2 mi in LI Sound tomorrow and you're worried about little baby ticks...... seriously, have Kelly keep an eye out for any weird rashes.


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