Saturday, August 8, 2009

oh what a day!

I completed with ease the Greenwich Island Beach 2 mile swim this morning. What a swim! It was freaking AWESOME!!! I did it in 1:08:00, which for 3520 yards came out to be a 1:56 /100 yard pace. Thats really really slow. Basically the way out was fast, but the current on the way back wrecked me. I wasnt the only one. My friend wound up with a 1:17:00, but her way out was 31 mins and change.

Yeah, I was hurting a bit more on the way back and my line wasnt that great, but the current was really throwing me around at times. These huge swells would take you up and would kill your pull.

Whatever, Im doing that swim again next year and the Greenwich Island is spectacular! I could have stayed out there all day. Next time Im brining a giant cooler and charcoal and will grill out and drink beer and relax. Such a great place!

Then when we returned to shore, I hopped onto my bike and went out for a 46.7 mile ride. It was a hilly ride! I went up a couple hills where in my easiest gear and standing, I was having a hard time getting up to the top.

Good ride though. A bit more punishing then I would have liked, but its gonna make the Timberman 56 miler that much easier.

Good day 4 hour day of volume!


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