Wednesday, August 19, 2009

getting closer to "R" day

I hopped into the pool this morning for a stressfull 1000 yards. My 250 yard WU hurt; I couldn't get under 1:41 for each of my 5 x 100's. And the anticipation of finishing my 250 CD was just killing me.

The "doubt" factor is setting in. I'm not the only one, I have found out. This happens to a lot of athletes as I have been reading in a number of triathlon blogs. We are hitting that point in the season where the days are getting shorter (and yet hotter, wtf?) and a lot of folks are narrowing down the season for their final races, usually their "A" race. Which means that taper madness is setting in for those folks. I am reading more and more (and I'm in the same boat) that we dont feel at our peaks or we feel super guilty about missing ONE workout.

I always look back at my logs when I start to feel this way. I have done the work! There is NO way anyone can workout 7-10 times/week (at a minimum of 30 mins, max of 3.5 hours) and not be in shape.

I also remind myself of that one ride I always have anywhere between 2-4 weeks after my last race of the season where I end up putting in my fastest (and best feeling) ride of the season by accident. Why? Because unknowingly, I had been sorta tapering without meaning to.

So its time to STOP feeling so guilty about not kicking my own ass day after day and letting it loose this coming Sunday. What do I have to lose?


  1. Try to enjoy your taper and let your body recover and rejuivante! You're going to do great!

  2. Taper madness kicking in much ? Like you said, you have done the work ... you will kick major ass ! And up, everyone's A race seems to be around the corner...

  3. So you're in the doubt phase too, eh? I shook some of it today, it comes and goes. Hang in there.


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