Thursday, August 6, 2009

27 miles of hills

This is one of my last "just go out and slaughter your legs" rides prior to Timberman. Boy am I confident in my climbing abilities! Take for example this good 1-2 mile hill that I attacked up the entire way and still had enough to sprint over the top.

In other words, my legs were firing on all cylinders tonight! I felt soooo strong on the bike. I dusted off my road bike and took that out instead. My road bike is REALLY light compared to my time trial bike. So much so that when I loaded my bike into my car this morning, it felt as heavy as a toothpick compared to the TT bike.

After my swim and bike on Saturday, Im right down the street from the Greenwich Bike shop. I am going to first have them weigh my TT bike, then see what they have in stock. This is my 2nd season on this TT bike and its a great bike, just the weight while climbing is a bit frustrating knowing that I can climb SO much faster on my road bike. Plus I need a much more aggressive position on the bike that my TT bike (which is a road bike frame fixed up with TT fixings) cannot provide.

Just in the exploration mode right now....


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