Monday, August 3, 2009

finally, a decent long run

Went out for 9 miles this morning and completed 9 miles. Didnt matter how fast/slow I went, I HAD to do it. Averaged a 9:21 pace....slow yes, but it got the job done and basically saved my season.

After last weekend's terrible 10K and last friday's soupy mess of a run, I was starting to have serious doubts about my running ability.

I did a bunch of 3/4/5 NYRR races this past winter and every race I was holding sub 8 min miles and finishing strong. When Tri season started, I stopped doing those speedy runs, and guess what happened? My run started to suffer because of it, even with consistent volume.

I actually think this is a good thing that this happened. Had I continued to do those races, I would have never realized that those races were the reason why my running paces had dropped signifigantly from last year. I was doing mostly 4 milers. They were perfect races. 2 mile warmup. 4 miles HARD, followed by a 2 mile warmdown. Not only could I get in decent volume, but half of it is @ anaerobic threshold. Plus there are toilet facilities and food @ the finish. Can you beat that? I am actually starting to miss those NYRR races.

I know what I am doing next winter!

I actually only have 1 more NYRR race to run (which will be done Sept 12) and then I am volunteering Aug 14th @ packet pickup to fullfill that part of the 9+1 Marathon entry. I am almost there!


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