Friday, May 1, 2009

another flat tire, but another good swim

My rear tire was flat again. It was due to a bad replacement tube, which is good because if the tube popped or leaked in the same place as the blown out tube, it would possibly mean my wheel was bad or damaged. That is NOT the case, fortunately. The latest tube that I installed still has pressure.

I am off to NH this weekend to preview the Timberman bike course.

Today @ lunch we did a great swim workout.

250 warmup
800 time trial, which I did in 14:21, or a 1:48/100 pace. I finished strong. I am feeling ever MORE confident about my first tri's swim this time around.

Then we did some drills and some 50 yard sprints. I did the first in 40 seconds, and the second in 41 seconds.

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  1. great workout -- definitely looking like you are more than ready for your swim !


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