Thursday, April 30, 2009

2000 yards

Did 2000 yards in 44:19....thats almost 3 mins faster than my last 2000 yarder. Getting there slowly! I felt like a monster in the pool for the first 250, which may have been 300. I did what I thought was 250, looked at my watch and it only said 3:33, which was a 1:25/100 average. Thats WAY too fast, so I did another 50. I think I had only done 200 up to the 3:33 point.

Sooooo, this brings me to 18125 yards for the month of April. That is the most I have ever swam in a month and I am seeing HUGE improvements because of the extra yardage. My warmup this morning was a testament to that.

Its kind of like when I was in my freshman year of high school in history class. For some reason I kept forgetting to do my homework and I would get C's on all of my quizes and tests. Then after my teacher gave me a swift kick in the ass I started doing my homework, and sure enough my quiz and test grades started to rise signifigantly. So if you do your homework, results will come!


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