Sunday, May 24, 2009

double brick

Went up to SUNY Purchase to do laps for the first time this season. Today called for a double brick, or 2 loops of Purchase, where a loop is a 5K, and take the first loop easy but then gun it on the 2nd loop. Then immediately transition to your running gear and go hard for about 6-7 mins. Rinse and repeat again. Finally, transition back to the bike for a cool down 5 laps total with 2 short runs thrown in.

On the 2 laps where I gunned it I averaged 21 mph in a few sections, which is solid. I used my wattage meter to either keep my intensity up or keep it down so to not burn myself.

Then during the two runs, I went almost .9 miles on each and averaged a 7:50 min/mile pace. I felt that pace was sustainable for a full would hurt, but it is doable and for a race, its worth it!


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