Sunday, May 3, 2009

pissed off a blister, but put in 8.2

I put in a 8.2 mile run this morning, and my legs felt pretty good, despite yesterday's long ride. So this run was a huge confidence boost in the status of my overall endurance. I did it in 1:15:00 flat, or a 9:09 min/mile average.

Unfortunately around mile 6 my blister started to get aggravated and I added a little bit to it. Doh! I taped it up really well and it felt fine. Oh well. Maybe mile 6 is when my feel started to sweat a lot more? It was healing rather quickly until now. I'll just keep my eye on it.

This past weekend was a tough one, but one of those weekends where gains are made. I think last weekend's half marathon helped out today 8.2 miler a LOT.

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  1. Great run ! I've heard of people putting super glue on blisters (apparently that's what they do in the military). I GUESS it would work - it is non toxic - but there's something unsettling about putting GLUE on an OPEN WOUND.


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