Saturday, May 2, 2009

Timberman bike course preview

I am up in NH this weekend and I previewed the Timberman bike course this morning. This is a much different sort of ride. I am used to lots of windy back roads with a lot of turns.

Timberman's course is about 10 miles of stuff like that, but then 36 miles out on Route 106 that is a wide shouldered main road that is pretty flat. Felt like riding on the highway for 2 hours. It was kinda boring in those portions actually....

So from the beginning, it starts uphill, but its not too long, then the road goes into that wide shouldered flat road where you can just big ring it. Eventually after a few curvy roads you hit the largest hill @ ~mile 10. This hill took me by surpise and actually had a good pitch to it. I was glad to get it overwith. After a descent (which I climbed on the way back) I hit route 106, which is the 36 mile portion. You descend gradually for 18 miles with a tailwind, then you turn around and head back up for another 18, only this time you have a headwind the whole way. My ears started to hurt by the end of it!

When I hit those same hills by the end of the ride, my legs were starting to feel it. Fortunately by taking a little bit of food, I felt a lot better.

Nutrition wise, I only took 2 GUs and 1 chocolate peanut butter balance bar. I think I drank 2.5 bottles of liquid, one being  pure water, the other a 50/50 mix of gatorade and water, the other half was an even more depleted mix of gatorade and water. Was that enough? I am not sure. I wasn't hungry by the end of the ride or thirsty and I didn't feel bloated.

I even did a quick 5 min jog to see how my legs and stomach felt. My stomach felt fine, but my legs felt like spaghetti. After the run, my legs were adjusting and felt better than I started. I have no idea how I will run 13.1 miles after a ride like that. I have about 15 weeks left!!!

Good ride, I did an extra mile because I missed a turn before asking for directions. So I did 57 miles in 3:13:00 or about a 17.78 mph average. I wasn't at race pace, so I am seeing that speed average as a good sign of my conditioning, considering the lack of biking that I have been doing!


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