Friday, May 8, 2009

2600 yarder

My longest swim EVER was accomplished today, thanks in part to a 6 X 350 yard set. OUCH!

I mean OUCH!

I was completely out of breath by the 3rd and wanted to crawl under a rock because I was trying to book it. Then on the 4th it was recommended that I go nice and slooooooow, which I did. The 5th and 6th hurt too, but not as bad. Those were muscle pain and not out of breath pain. Takes me a bit to get warmed up!

So basically I have 5 more swims of getting the crap beat out of me before I taper for my first tri on May 31st. Considering that I did 2100 yards during that one set alone (which is 12 yards short of the HIM swim), I am feeling pretty confident about that half mile swim.

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  1. way to rock that swim, jon !! You are going to kill it at your tri in a few weeks !


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