Saturday, May 23, 2009

almost an olympic without the swim

Went back up to Ridgefield and did 2 loops of the course at sorta a medium pace. Just refamiliarizing myself with the route, which I have memorized now and I have learned the trouble spots where it will be easy to lose speed. I did some intervals on these sections to figure out gearing so that I can maintain my speed over these humps that can gobble you if you don't hit them right.

Then I put on my running shoes and ran 5.8 miles or about 2 loops of the run course. Either my Garmin is way off or that is NOT a 5K route. I was off by .2 miles, and usually my watch is over by .05/4 miles. Who knows. Doesn't really matter actually since its a fast run course. I felt like a monster while running it, putting up an 8:22 average without really going race pace fast.

I think I am ready for this race!....and ready for an Olympic too.

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