Tuesday, May 19, 2009

26.5 more miles and flying dismounts!

Did 26.5 miles with intervals tonight. Considering I rode 100 two days ago, my legs felt fast tonight. I was pushing above threshold and close to 300 watts on my favorite straight away on this route. Felt good!

This was my first ever sockless ride. Went fine but a bit breezy in the shoes. Kept my feet cool.

So after the ride I practiced getting out of the shoes while moving and then flying dismounts. Getting out of the shoes the first time was a bit tricky, but I figured it out quickly. By the 4th time I took me shoes off I had it down to a science.

The flying dismounts, on the other hand, took a leap of faith to do. I have done flying dismounts before and they came suprisingly easy. This time though, I thought I was going to tip over and eat it. Finally I took that leap of faith and did it. I did 3 more and each one got more and more comfortable. In fact the final 3 I did perfect "get out of the shoes" followed by confident flying dismounts.

Im going to need to practice more.

One thing that I did NOT have any luck on was getting into the shoes on the bike. I kept putting my toes into the gap between the top of the shoe and inside top flap. I think what I have to do is reach down and grab a tab on the back of the shoe, and hold it up with I get my foot in. Thats gonna take some acrobatics.

I think getting out and doing a flying dismount is a good start.


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