Wednesday, May 6, 2009

hard 100's

Did 10 X 100's on 2:00 descending. Wow, I can speak swimming lingo finally!

So I did 100 easy, 100 medium, 100 hard, then rinsed and repeated 3x total for 900 yards, and a 100 easy cool down from the set. That 100 cool down was one of the hardest 100's I have EVER swam because coming off of that last hard 100, I was dying! My arms felt like spaghetti. My fastest 100 was 1:37, my slowest was 1:50.

Then I did a 350 at medium intensity. No idea what my time was, but I felt strong.

Then I started to learn how to do flips in the water to lead up to doing flip turns. Doing a somersault with no momentum is a LOT harder than flipping with momentum.


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