Saturday, July 4, 2009

timberman bike course preview #2

Up in NH for the long weekend and I rode the Timberman bike course for the 2nd time. They repaved a huge section of it so it is even nicer now. Riding the hills was a heck of a lot easier too. Helped also that there was no head wind on the return trip.

I got a flat though on the return trip. I hit something sharp that slightly punctured the tube. I learned that if you can't feel the air coming out of a punctured hole and squirting water on it doesn't yield bubbles, stick the hole to your tongue and you will for sure feel the escaping air.

Then I ran about a mile and the legs felt great. I know this course pretty well now and I know that the last 2 long steady climbs on the return trip are going to be my achilles heal.

Day off today.


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