Thursday, July 30, 2009

back on the bike for real

My legs are recovered! I did 26 miles tonight in some REALLY nice weather for once. They paved 3 new sections on this particular route so now I can stay in the time trial position for even longer on this ride.

I rode at a modest pace for the majority of the ride, but I dropped the hammer 4 times and really hauled ass. There are two sections where I was holding 25 mph for a few miles:) I love those sections!

During two of those sections, the road pitches up quite dramatically so this was a good test to transition from fast on the flats to climbing while sprinting up a good sized steep hill. I really surprised myself considering 5 days ago I had abused my body for 2.5 hours and I could barely walk 4 days ago.

Now the ultimate test of recovery is tomorrow morning with a 10K run.


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