Sunday, July 12, 2009

freedom ride!

Flew in from Minnesota today, then scarfed down some food and went for a wicked awesome ride tonight. Talk about perfect weather to ride in (mid 70's and clear skies with the sun going down)!

I did 21.22 in 1:12:32 for a 17.5 mph average, but this is one of my favorite hillier rides which finishes up a nice steep pitch before a flying downhill

So before I hit the first hill, this roadie all decked out in his racing garb flies up from behind me, says "Hello" and I figure would just continue onwards. Instead he slowed to my pace, then started chatting with me. He has only been in the area for a few months and since he used to race in Chicago I figured he wouldn't mind going up a nice hill. So he went with me @ the same pace up this hill sitting down while I was standing a bit. By the time we hit the final pitch of this hill I figured he would simply blow by me. I stood up and my legs were feeling great and I was able to add 2 harder gears and I just cranked it to the top. At the top, I looked back and he wasn't there! I got up to the top of the hill, turned around because it was a dead end, then as I was going down, he pops out at the bottom of the final pitch out of a driveway and goes back down ahead of me. Then at the bottom of the hill he must have gone straight cuz I had to turn left and I never saw him again.

Did I scare him off!?!? He looked strong! Why didn't he finish up the hill? Who knows...

I mean, it was a steep hill, but not like Ventoux or anything.

I guess some things just go unanswered in life...

But after that hill I was warmed up and continued to pound away on the rest of the hills.

By the time I hit the last and final hill I went up that sucker feeling GREAT!

Then when I got to the parking lot I went to stop my watch while slowing and almost ate it. It woulda been bad and I wish I was wearing my HRM, cuz I am sure it jumped 3o BPM. I even accepted the fact that I was going down! Fortunately for my fragile skin and my ego, I somehow managed to stay upright. Man it woulda been embarrasing!

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  1. You probably scared him off ! ;) great rie, jon !


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