Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am totally on the downslide from NYC right now. Monday I hopped into the pool for 20 mins to knock out 1000 yards of easy swimming and kicking on my back. My legs felt a bit better after that.

Then yesterday I went up to Purchase to do 5 laps. I ended up with 2 before throwing in the towel. I just mentally couldnt do it. My legs felt better after that actually.

Then this morning I hopped into the pool for 3000 yards. I did 2 descending ladder sets:

It was merely good volume. I did it in an hour flat. I did some stroke counting on some of my better 25's and I got my stroke count down to 15!!! I'll take that!

EASY EASY run @ lunch today to finish off the recovery.

Tomorrow, hell begins again!


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