Wednesday, July 15, 2009

breakthrough 3000

Wow. Just wow. Those 3000 yards that I just swam were some of the toughest, yet most rewarding.

I swam 3200 yards on Monday, so I wasn't sure how tonight would play out.

I did a 2 x 250 warm up and felt great.

Then it was into the main set:
10 x 100, first 5 on 1:55, 2nd 5 on 1:50.

So not only was this on less rest than usual, but the 2nd half were on even LESS rest.
I was averaging 1:35's!!! I think my slowest was 1:36, and my fastest was 1:30. Thats incredible!!! I wanted to give up on so many 100's and just come in easy, take the less rest and go easy again. But I kept at it and tried to stay @ or improve my time each 100. Man that hurt!

Then I got a 200 yard easy reprieve.

Then it was onto punishment #2: 3 x 400, stay consistent.

3 x 400 sounds easy. But I just punished myself with 10 fast 100's. So I was already in the hurt locker. Basically the point of the 3 x 400 was to see if I can change gears from fast to aerobic and maintain my times.

I did:

So I added 5 seconds to the 2nd and 3rd, but I was HURTING on those 2.

Finally, a 100 yard warm down that felt oh so sweet.

Im gonna sleep well tonight!


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