Friday, July 10, 2009

86 degree water = molasses

Im up in Minneapolis, MN for a wedding this weekend. I need to get in a pool since over the past two weeks I have eaked out barely 10,000 yards. YIKES!

The hotel I am staying at has a pool, that is ~10 yards, so that wasn't going to work. Luckily there is a REALLY REALLY REALLY nice YMCA 3.5 miles away and with a free hotel shuttle that will take you anywhere, I went with that swimming option instead.

I mean, this pool is NICE......except it was 86 degrees. There was no cold shock getting into the water, but immediately it felt like I was swimming through molasses. My 100 pace times were in the 1:50+ range......ummmmmmm......1:50?!?!?!?

Yeahhh......thats pretty slow for me. Now, mythbusters did a thing where they made sugar water 1,500 times more viscous than water and they found that the more viscous syrup did not effect swim times.

Or maybe I was fatigued? I felt fine and was working @ the same intensity level.

Was it the heat?

Could the clock have been slow?

Who knows.....I still got in 2500 yards in about an hour, so I got the yardage in and that is all that matters. Now when I get into my much colder pool back home, I hope I see 100 pace times in the 1:40's or lower.

I did:
2 x 250 WU
3 x 300
4 x 200
3 x 100


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