Wednesday, April 1, 2009

fast and fast

Ran with two new people today at lunch. One is training for his first triathlon, the other is a fast runner. I tried to go easy, but we ended up doing an 8:28 min/mile pace over 4.2 miles. I felt comfortable the whole way, which is good, so it was ok to be pushed. So I have some people I can run with that will keep my at bay and force me to run slow, and I have some people who will force me to run fast. Then there is me, who will force me to run whatever I feel like. I like to run with others because it makes my pacing more consistent? I don't know.

Then tonight in the pool we did OWS drills which totally kicked my a$$. I was just running on empty by the end.

Still more technique issues to work on. First off is the high elbow entry. I am still reaching too far in front during the entry, so I need to pull that back. The second is my catch could be done quicker and earlier. I basically start my roll before my catch and pull, so I am losing a lot there. One other thing that was pointed out was that I swim really deep in the water. Like my head is completely underwater except for when I breath.

Things to work on....


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