Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tri Ridgefield course preview

Drove up to Ridgefield this morning to preview the bike course for my first tri of the season, Tri Ridgefield.

I like the course. It has a lot of turns, no big hills but a few rollers. There is a sharp left downhill turn that was kinda fun and will give you some nice speed that you can carry for a bit. I hope they have good signs for the turns and folks to hold off traffic at the intersections. There are a few busy intersections (crossing rt 35 2X) that could be a bit tricky. There were only a few roads with some beat up pavement, but mostly the roads are nice and smooth.

Just taking it easy, it took me ~45+ mins to do the course. Its about 14 miles.

I wanted to do 2 loops, but I decided not to so as to preserve my legs for tomorrow AM's half marathon.

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  1. hope you have a GREAT hm tomorrow !! good luck !


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