Thursday, April 9, 2009

outside with some speed on the bike

I got outside after work for the first time this season, and I went harder than I have all season. It felt good and I kept the hard durations under control. I could have gone another 25 at this rate, it felt.

Sooooooo, tonight's ride was basically an unofficial benchmark test ride because I do this route a lot, and it always gives me feedback on how "strong" I feel. Since it is the beginning of April and I am already riding like the end of the summer, I feel pretty confident about my form. Booking 22 mph on the flats was also a nice upside to the ride :)

At the midpoint of the ride, we climbed up to the top of this good sized stair stepper where its the steepest @ the top. I was able to stand at the top and accelerate, another sign that my climbing skills didn't go away.

We did 24 miles in 1:33, or about 15mph and change. That big climb that we did brought down the average.

I sure felt strong!

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